Law of Attraction

Quick Definition: A universal law that states that like attracts like.

Full Definition:

There have been countless books written on the subject of the law of attraction, and most recently a movie produced on the subject titled The Secret. While the movie does touch on certain aspects of the law of attraction, it is actually a more watered down and dramatized interpretation of this universal truth.

What the law of attraction states is that your thoughts and actions attract people and results that reflect those thoughts and actions. And it doesn’t necessarily always work positively. For instance, if your thoughts are predominantly negative, you will attract negative results and people who have a negative impact on your life.

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Using the secret to your advantage is a conscious effort of holding predominantly positive thoughts and affirmations in your mind, because you will inevitably attract these things into your life. For example one of the main reasons that rich people remain rich and the poor remain poor is because the rich think like rich people and the poor keep thinking like poor people.

From the perspective of a pickup artist, to make use of the secret you must think and act as a man who has an abundance of female companionship would. It’s kind of like the principle of making it until you fake it. Most men who are good with women don’t view women as mysterious enemies to be tricked into bed. They view women as wonderful creatures that they genuinely enjoy the company of. So by emulating the thoughts and behaviors of a man who is good with women, you attract the same type of women and results into your life. It’s really that simple.

Orlando Owen on deep inner game and the law of attraction:

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