Latin Lover

AKA Spanish Fly, Latin Dancer, Latin Flame.

This month we will cover cultural stereotypes. The Latin Lover is a famous avatar in many movies and a cultural icon in the Latin community.  Oftentimes the rough, silent and noble warrior, he is also a master of seduction. As a matter of fact, Antonio Banderas has played many of these roles in Hollywood films: the bull fighter, Zorro, the tango dancer, the conflicted drug lord.

This stereotype types from cultural memes that have developed over time. With a mix of the ability to celebrate life and the honoring of noble characteristics, the Latin Lover has developed into a female fantasy whenever traveling among Spanish-colony influenced locations.

Antonio Banderas in Taking The Lead

Avatar Profile

Unique Style Qualities: Slick hair, tight clothing, smooth-ness in expressions and style. Tends to have a “darker”, masculine look
Common Clothing Items: A suit, a scarf, and leather.
Favorite Brands Don’t know
Style Attraction Switches (SAS) Cultural Tribe Identity, Strength (physical and mental), Strong Moral Values, Lust for Life attitude
What Women Think:
  • Sex. Walking right towards me.
  • He’s so dark and handsome.
  • Now I’m a little wet.
Natural Habitat Salsa Clubs, Dance Floors, Mexican bars, many regions in South America, Spain, Spanish neighborhoods in the US.

Famous Examples

Antonio Banderas, Enrique Iglesias, Zorro, Desperado

Natural Counterparts

Spanish Fly (Female), Spanish and Mexican girls, girls in general. Bull fighting and dance fans.






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