Lair List

AKA World Wide Lair List

Quick Definition:, A list of all of the known pickup lairs in the world, as documented by old standing internet domains like Fast Seduction.

Full Definition:

The excitement of learning about the seduction community, and then actually finding the local lairs, can be described as scary and exciting. It is an adventure. For the first time, an AFC realizes that he is not alone in the quest to solve the puzzle of “women.” As such, with the invention of the internet in the late 90s, Fast Seduction (organized by FormHandle and TokyoPUA) has maintained a worldwide lair list where members can find their own local lairs and attend organized events with like-minded PUAs.

Different local lairs have different cultures within their region and change depending on their leaders. The Boston lair is known for disciplined improvement, whereas the San Francisco lair is more laid back and event are led by senior instructors that have their own businesses in pickup. Some leaders opt for more of a non-profit, community benefit approach, while others strive for disciplined improvement and a strong bar to enter the lair. Both have their pros and cons, and it is up to the local PUAs to support or not support their lair leaders.

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Source: Fast Seduction

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