Kosmo (Alvaro)

Real Name: Alvaro Orlando
Age: 20’s
Affiliation: VH1’s The Pickup Artist, Season 1 Winner | Venusian Arts (following VH1 show’s conclusion)

For anybody that thinks the character flaw in “Raj Koothrappali” on The Big Bang Theory is all fiction, Kosmo has news for you. Kosmo AKA Alvaro is the 23 year old cameraman slash actor slash break dancer slash computer programmer that experienced a time in his life where he would freeze at the notion of speaking to a woman unless he was completely drunk. He achieved his claim to fame in the world of the pickup when he won the title on the first season of the VH1 Reality TV Show “The Pick-Up Artist”. Before making it onto the show, he thought he was too short, stuttered too much, and had chewed his nails into oblivion too far for any woman to consider spending time with him. Today, he has overcome many of his fears to the point that he admits he can now be picky with the ladies. Where many people today would get a little freaked out by “man tears”, for Kosmo, that’s just part of his charm. Keeping it real and owning his feelings were signature trademarks that took his instruction in the art of the pick-up to the level of being claimed “The Pick Up Artist” by none other than Mystery himself.

Making it onto the reality show was a moment that changed his life, and one that he considers a moment of serendipity. He vividly remembers one night where he told his friends he wasn’t going to go out with them any more only so that he could finish the evening as the odd man out without a lady. It was the very next day that he received a call from the show, and a day that would take Kosmo from being the odd man out to…The Pick Up Artist.

He fondly remembers his not so favored experiences with Mystery early on in his instruction, but by his second week into The Pick Up Artist filming he says that Mystery sat him down and within a few words his life was changed. Since then, he doesn’t need to be drunk to talk to the girls and he says anxiety attacks over the very subject are a thing of the past.

The experience was so profound for him that he’s not only kept in touch with the guys on the show, but he’s remained best friends with fellow PUA Joe D. describing him as his number one guy. But friendship and the title weren’t the only thing he took away with his claim to fame, and Kosmo continues to inspire and pass on the pearls of wisdom he’s gained to audiences and men all over the world today. You can catch him working his magic in the field teaching others.

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Kosmo explains How to Pickup Women

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