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    PUA Knowledge Spheres

    Each seduction school has helped develop the community and is in many cases responsible for definitions and ideas of their own. Each knowledge sphere represents PUA terms that originated or is often affiliated to a specific seduction school of thought.

    2 Girls Teach Sex

    2 Girls Teach Sex is a group of porn stars, hosted by Bobby Bradshaw that puts out a collection of sexual education products. Creating innovation in Sex Ed and the Seduction community, their products contain a blend of entertainment value (pornstars, starlets, sex scenes) as well as educational value (instructions, processes)

    ABCs of Attraction

    Founded by JT Tran, the ABCs of Attraction has turned Asian men focused training into a worldwide coaching company. The current trio in 2012 include instructors JT Tran, Gareth Jones, and wing girl Anne.


    Random musings of theoretical concepts by an aspiring pick up artist, AlphaWolf is the alter ego of author Vince Lin. Vince Lin is the author of Seduce With Style and occasional post contributor here at PUA Lingo.

    Ars Amorata

    The natural game movement coming from Zan, where he teaches men, and women, the art of loving

    Art of Charm

    The Art of Charm is one of the newer pickup companies to enter the market, but nevertheless has borrowed and developed its own set of terminology to help communicate their unique approach to pickup and lifestyle development.

    Brad P

    Brad P is a pickup artist who has been around from early days of alt.seduction.fast, and has risen in prominence in recent years, being named “Top PUA of 2008” and a runner-up in 2009. A big proponent of long-term coaching, Brad P has developed a number of terms to describe his unique brand of pickup.

    Charisma Arts

    Charisma Arts is a pickup company that focuses heavily on conversational game, so they have created a slew of terminology related to the different phases of conversation, as well as specific conversational techniques to employ during the seduction process.

    David DeAngelo

    David Deangelo is one of the original “gurus” of the seduction community, and is well known for the development of commonly used PUA concepts such as “cocky/funny” and “wussy”.

    Dr. Paul Ekman

    The inspiration behind the hit TV show “Lie To Me”, Dr Ekman is an American psychologist who pioneered the study of emotions as they relate to our facial expressions and body language. He is the father of “micro expressions”, which are emotions revealed for a fraction of a second that reveal’s the persons true feelings. Sometimes these micro expressions cannot be seen by the human eye and are caught on tape. His research and theories have contributed volumes to the understand of human emotions in dating and relationships and the reasons behind why we lie.

    Eckhart Tolle

    Eckhart Tolle gained prominence in the seduction community through Owen Cook, whose own more mature pick up (now in his 30s) has developed into a more zen-like and full understanding of humanity in addition to picking up girls. His books have transformed the lives of millions of people, and the idea of “everything is the present” can be a powerful tool for PUAs to learn to be calm and see the experience for what it is when talking to beautiful women. Overall, his works can be applied directly to human interactions and therefore by default to man-woman relationships in dating.

    Fast Seduction

    Created by Formhandle and TokyoPUA, Fast Seduction continues to be one of the most popular pickup related websites today, with their massive archive of old posts from the original alt.seduction.fast Usenet group, where the seduction community originated. As veterans of ASF, Formhandle and TokyoPUA have coined dozens of pua terms which continue to be used to this day.

    Love Systems

    The company started by Savoy after Mystery’s departure, Love Systems (LS) Knowledge represents the ideas that further developed MM and also new ideas created by LS instructors. LS instructors Savoy, Braddock and others have branched out further into text and phone game, social circle game and relationship game definitions and ideas.


    Pickup101 AKA PU101 was the school founded by Lance Mason that originated in the Chinatown district of San Francisco. PU101 has led the way in terms of physical confidence and charisma as well as smooth day game openers.

    PUA Training

    PUA Training is an influential company originating from the UK and founded by Richard La Ruina. Author of a best selling book and boasting a impressive list of female and male trainers, PUA Training has been responsible for new ideas and processes in the field of seduction and remains one of the leading non-US based companies in the world. Their new attraction method “Stealth Attraction” among other new philosophies have led the way in 2009 and early 2010 as the industry seeks new paradigms to adopt.

    Real Social Dynamics

    Real Social Dyanmics was founded by Tyler (Owen Cook) and Papa. RSD has a list of impressive instructors, from Jlaix in San Francisco to Tim from Australia and Ozzie from Spain. Each stands in his own right and has given the community new ideas and new terms and new ways of thinking about pickup. Many definitions came out from their products: The Blueprint, Transformations and Foundations.

    Robert Greene

    Robert Greene is a best selling author who spent many years writing for others before he published his breakthrough book “The 48 Laws of Power”. His second book, “The 48 Laws of Seduction” is also a must read for any aspiring PUA. Many of his laws and examples coincide with similar seduction concepts in the seduction community, while offering historical examples of seduction techniques.

    Ryan Jaunzemis

    Ryan Jauzemis is a PUA Instructor based on Vegas. Known for his on screen personality and analytic approach to picking up tourists and “Vegas Girls”, he has pioneered lingo specifically designed for use in the Vegas lair.

    Seduce With Style

    Terms coined by Vince Lin, a PUA and Style Consultant who focuses on changing the outer appearance of a man’s look to achieve his goals in life. Often times, the style and image of a PUA can be closely related to his progression in game.

    Sex God Method

    Sex God Method was pioneered by Daniel Rose, an expert sex consultant and the author of the book with the same name. His techniques focus on developing the mind and realizing the mental stimulation of sexual energy and orgasm. Sex God Method has been cited by many artists as one of the revolutionary works in sexual game mastery.

    Speed Seduction / NLP

    Speed Seduction was originally invented by Ross Jefferies. As written by Neil Strauss in The Game’s Lost Chapters: “Ross Jef ries, by all accounts, was an angry man when he was in his 20s. His ambition was comedy: stand-up, screenplays, whatever would get him laughs. But instead he drifted between tedious office jobs, lonely and girlfriendless. That all changed when he was in the self-help section of a bookstore and his hand, as the story goes, involuntarily reached out and grabbed a book. That tome was Frogs Into Princes, the classic book on NLP by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. Ross went on to devour every book on the subject he could find. The power and control that had eluded him his whole life was finally his. One of his heroes had always been the Marvel Comics superhero Green Lantern, who was endowed with a magic ring able to bring the desires of his will and imagination to life. Now, Ross Jef ries had that ring

    Stealth Attraction

    Stealth Attraction was created by Richard La Ruina, AKA Gambler of the UK and PUA Training. His DVD series composes of 3 disks that explain specific techniques in this type of high value game. Concepts that were never explored include Forced IOIs, matching rich guys with girls, and controlled escalations without rejection.

    Street Hypnosis

    Street Hypnosis was started due to the rise of the internet and YouTube videos. With the spread of this technology, knowledge of NLP became well known. Groups like the Head Hacking Crew (members include Vince Lynch) began running hypnosis on the street with strangers. When combined with PUA artistry, the hypnosis becomes evermore powerful in creating (sometimes) dangerous attraction.

    StyleLife Academy

    Style is the star pupil of Mystery and the man who popularized the seduction community through his book, The Game, and over the years he has developed many techniques and terms related to the seduction process. The Stylelife Academy also employs a large number of top-notch PUAs, who have also contributed with their unique lingo.


    Swinggcat, one of the original gangsters of game, wrote the manual of “prizing” and is considered one of the founding authors of “push and pull” natural game. His book on “prizability” has been quoted many times and used to explain the natural forces between men and women. Perhaps like a cat chasing the string, the theory of push pull has powerful emotional results in women.

    Tao of Badass

    Tao of Badass is the pioneering product of Joshua Pellicer. The tao focusing on a natural teaching method without using pua jargon. It also tends to focus on what Josh has experienced and field tested in the last 10 years to only elements that directly affect you game. Unlike other products, it strips down everything into only the essential elements of game.

    Teen Game

    The name for both the teenage social dynamics coaching service founded by Saint Pixie, and the method for personal social evolution.

    Tony Robbins

    Tony Robbins is a world class success trainer. His work has influenced millions of people and his concepts and practice advice on mental conditioning and training can be applied to the seduction arts as well. His knowledge sphere includes ways to train the mind and learning techniques that apply to learning the art of seduction as well as many other skill sets in life.

    Venusian Arts / Mystery Method

    Originally the Mystery Method, Erik (Mystery) had a falling out with Savoy, the CEO of Love Systems. He then started Venusian Arts, which is the current company of Mystery, Matador and Lovedrop. Their productions have been drawn from the foundation of the Mystery Method, and have been mostly reviewed as top notch. The company continues to weather storms of mediocre management, however their artistry and seduction theories remain elite. Mystery Method is still the de facto standard in breaking down and understanding the underlying process of Attraction, Comfort and Seduction.

    Zan Perrion

    Zan Perrion is a seducer that hails from Canada. He focuses on developing natural charm and charisma rather than structured game or routines. Be that as it may, Zan’s Enlightened Seduction (ES) and Way of Attraction philosophies contain many terminologies that he uses for natural seduction. His “Ars Amorata: theme focuses on a man’s direction in life and his core, instead of tactics and pickup strategist that most of the community advocate and practice.His natural game forum continues to be a major portal for developing inner game and a healthy relationship with oneself and the opposite sex.