Kiss Close (KClose)

Quick Definition: A close where the PUA ends up sharing a kiss with the target.

Full Definition:

The KC is a major sticking point for GPUAs or AFCs who have not had much experience initiating kisses with new girls in the past. While essential, a kiss is not the end game.

One of the dangers of new PUAs is the desire to show off with kclosing at the bar and going home alone. A PUA needs to selective about where he kcloses, be gentle with his kisses, and only sexually escalate to a make out in a sex location.

There are many kclose techniques and gambits to initiate a kiss that have been developed. One of the most common is Mystery’s technique of going in for the kiss after receiving three IOIs from the target.

Badboy on Kiss Close:


I kclosed 2 HB10s last night!

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