• Khaki Pants

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    Khaki pants are khaki colored pants, usually made from cotton.

    There is no formal standard for khaki pants, but the term is usually used to refer to a style of trousers popularized by Dockers, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger in the early ’90s.

    Khaki Pants Business

    Traditional khaki pants

    Though they were once considered dressy, khaki pants have been since relegated to the world of “business casual”. They are synonymous with formal, conservative, and boring.

    Khakis may be appropriate in some business settings, or possibly in a preppy look, but fashionable men would be smart to avoid them in favor of chinos (their more dressier cousins) or cargo pants (which are more rugged).

    If you must wear khakis, avoid pleats at all costs, and try roughing them up a little bit and wrinkling them to avoid the ironed, clean-cut look. You can also combine them with a bold top to contrast the formalness of the khaki pants.

    Casual Khakis Men

    A good example of khakis being worn casually

    Khaki Pants Men

    Khaki pants worn with an interesting top to create cool effect

    There has been a movement by some designers, such as AG Adriano Goldschmied to give khakis a more rugged look by giving them tears and avoiding the neat, pleated look of traditional khakis, but it has yet to catch on.

    Ripped Khakis AG Adriano Goldschmied

    Ripped Khakis from AG Adriano Goldschmied

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