• Keychain

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Real Name: Unknown
    Age: 42
    Affiliation:  Love Systems

    PUA Keychain is a classic example of student turned teacher, and he serves by example to illustrate to today’s man that when you practice the art of the pickup, it can transform into a very successful lifestyle so long as you have the right mindset. He has a long standing affiliation with the Love Systems technique, and began his journey as a pick up artist when he attended the first ever Project Rockstar bootcamp in 2008.  The objective of Project Rockstar was to take a pool of men from a large body of applications and put them in a two month intensive training program.  Project Rockstar students were required to blog about their pickup experiences over an eight week period, and Keychain’s first blog on July 6, 2008 was the first step of many for his almost immediate success in the field of dating.

    Keychain’s rise from student to true artist in the field of the pickup began that summer of 2008, and by the end of his intensive training his skills were so proficient that he chose to provide free one on one bootcamps to others just like him.  Although few pickup artists can be considered an overnight success, Keychain’s star truly rose above the pack and led to later success in 2008 when he was accepted as a Love Systems instructor.  By 2009 he had become an award winning commentator in the dating industry and ranked in the top ten lists of top PUA’s for 2009.

    Since then, Keychain has taken his experiences and invaluable instruction all across the globe, showing men how to fast track their own success in a world requiring elite social skills and talents in the expertise of conversation.  A true master in seduction, Keychain knows how to close and how to close quickly, but he knows every man is his own and works closely with men to help them develop their own unique style of pickup that will garner them real results.

    Keychain has authored or contributed to several products including Beyond Words, Overcoming Physical Obstacles, and Rapid Escalation to name a few. Keychain is currently located in London, UK, his reviews from all over the world including Toronto, the BBC, and many more speak for themselves.  You can also find him at the Attractionforums.com and follow him on Twitter @LS_Keychain.

    Keychain PUA Videos

    Keychain talking at a Love Systems Seminar: Beyond Words Bonus Video

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