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    Justin Wayne Bio

    One of the few African American coaches, Justin Wayne started learning about girls in college. He is based on of New York City and runs Justin Wayne Dating that offers seminars and bootcamps for men. Justin has tons of YouTube videos showing him picking at girls during the day time and at the mall. He runs his company with 4 other guys who has come together to run Justin Wayne Dating.

    Justin Wayne Quotes

    “Personality is something you show or sell to a girl. Character is something that is deeper, something you can only know over time through the person’s actions. If you just meet a girl there’s no way for her to know your character, therefore you have to have a fun and charismatic personality“

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    Justin Wayne PUA


    Justin Wayne PUA 2


    Video of Wayne giving dating advice:

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    1 comment

    UrbanGent2015 October 20, 2014 - 9:54 pm

    Justin Wayne’s product is solid and his videos are the best you will see out there. Also great to see strategic Game from an African American Male point of view. Yet I think JWD, the company itself, leans heavy on the typical hard sell internet sales tactics. Beware when buying his products because he starts low and moves you through 3 stages $67 Stage 1, $105 Stage 2 & for the uncut videos your looking at $200+. Then there is a $37/month membership fee that is pretty sneaky as well. Here’s the thing my issue is not with the cost but why not just say that all upfront? I know the man has to make a living I get that it’s just the sales game he plays on his prospects I think is unnecessary and bad for business. I had to leave him alone after that unexpected monthly charge I never did buy stage 3 btw. These PUA’s on the business end need to realize this stuff is all over the torrents so just be upfront about your business or lose customers. The market is so saturated right now business sales will fall unless you have a professional system to keep your sales/customer service side top notch. So just know what you’re getting into…all that being said outside of Love Systems JWD is very good and even if there is debate about the videos are true JWD is still the best motivator to get out there and run good Game. Justin tighten your business up, simplify that website and hire some staff to stay on top of your business Bro. You can be on top of this PUA Game Business. Tighten it up.


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