Just Another Wannabe (JAW)

uick Definition: A relatively newbie or rAFC that either has the grand illusion of mastering the art with no work, or only sees the surface level “media appeal” of the seduction community without authentically understanding the depth of seduction knowledge and skill.

Full Definition:

A major fallacy for newbies and AFC is that they use well known PU lingo and openers they got from reading The Game and other foundational material. Some may have immediate success, and then start on this path of claiming to have more game than they can back up. JAWs want women and other men to respect them, but they don’t want to put in the hours. An analogy from hip hop is the “player-hater”—those that focus on the negative and quit when the going gets tough.

JAWs can live in this frame of reality for a long time, but the only people they are fooling are themselves. It is often likely that a JAW will either have a LCM and realize his mistakes and re-frame his mentality/attitude around more core and inner game related knowledge, or quit the community after the initial buzz and appeal wears off.


Mystical is a JAW PUA. His verbal communication is incongruent with all levels of his subcommunication.

Related Terms: AFC, rAFC, KJ, Social Robot, GPUA

Source: Vincent Chase

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