Jumping into cold water

Have you ever jumped into a pool when the water was cold? Ever been the the Northern California beaches that have ice cold waves due to the currents running along that area?

Last week we first went to Santa Cruz beach and I headed towards the ice cold water. At first, it was freezing, but then once you got wet it wasn’t so bad. Later, I also tried jumping straight from the hot tub into the cold (still warmed up) pool water. While I thought this felt uncomfortable, it actually felt pretty good afterwards. The initial shock of cold is quickly taken over by awe in the accomplishment as well as the feeling of the cold water not being as cold as you thought it would be.

This practice actually helped me get rid of some Approach Anxiety (AA) this weekend. Mainly, I realized that taking a leap and risk usually seems harder right before you do it, but once it is done it is usually not that bad. I would not use this analogy as it relates to stunt videos like Jackass, but in terms of approaching women, definitely the case.

I also remembered another PUAs saying. It is actually selfish and self-centered of to think that people care about you that much. Also, something clicked inside of me this weekend. At the end of the day, your perception and your own feelings about yourself is really what matters.

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