Julian Fox

Julian Fox
Real Name: Julian Foxx
Age: 33

Affiliation: Julian Foxx Dating Academy
Website: www.julianfoxx.com

Julian is an experienced club promoter that has honed his skills by being comfortable in a party setting. Julian developed a never back down attitude that is a necessity in the club game, where you either need to step up or get stepped on. By viewing a wide range of personalities on any given night, he also learned how to effectively read people.

Learning to look into a person’s personality helps in analyzing women and also by investigating what is holding men back from attaining those women. Julian especially preaches to frustrated students who have often found themselves ‘the nice guy’ or ‘my best guy friend.’ The Julian Foxx Dating Academy helps guys break down the barrier of the friend zone and to become the one that the ladies desire.

Julian offers a mini-course to his students that helps identify the factors that have been holding them back, the secret that will release them from rejection, a trick that will get women flirting with them, and the absolute best place to meet women.

Besides being confident, Julien is also groundbreaking in the fact that he has researched and developed proven theories in the field such as why women are more attracted to a certain guy while menstruating, three ways to interpret rejection, and how to get desensitized to rejection.

Julian teaches weekend long seminars in New York and the surrounding areas and his teaching methods include bringing in lovely women to work with and group discussions. He preaches interactivity in the crowd and has known to treat students to a night on the town, putting what they’ve learned to work in the field.

Julian Fox Quotes

“It’s not your fault that women haven’t been attracted to you”

“The Friend Zone isn’t something you should fear, it’s something you should embrace.”

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