• Journey to Mastery

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    AKA Path To Mastery

    Quick Definition: The day to day actions we take that give us internal fulfillment and peace.

    Full Definition:

    Happiness comes from being fulfilled, and being content. This is a process, and there is no “end point”. The journey to mastery has no end. Some guys just want to get the girl and have it “settled”. The truth is, learning social dynamics is a lifelong journey, and extends beyond women to all social interactions in life.

    It is ok that not everyone wants to learn pick up, or wants to master it. Maybe some guys are just looking for the right girl. Some guys want to improve their social anxiety by learning how to talk to strangers. Even others just want to know how to say the right things to girls. Each artist’s goals differ, and the journey should be a fun one, whichever level you are at.

    Owen talks about the possible timelines of finding happiness in a girl:

    Sometimes, a PUA Fell off your purpose – success with women was your purpose, you need another purpose. After “getting the girl”, life goes on, and relationships grow and deepen over time. It is important that the man has a purpose in addition to that of being a good boyfriend/husband in helping the world or forwarding an ideal or goal.


    Find another journey to mastery with a new skill, Dreams change, people change

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