Jon Before and After Style Pictures

Jon is a fellow entrepreneur. When I met him he was sleek, good looking and very classy. Guys like this always give me the impression that they were born smooth. Not so, I found out later as I got to know him better. Like everyone else, Jon had to fight for what he wanted in life.

Jon’s Before and After Style Picture:


1. The Problem

Jon sent me an MBA admissions essay, in which he states:

My happiness as an individual hinges upon the state of equilibrium I maintain by being a well-rounded and multifaceted person. The entire foundation of my self-esteem is built upon this feeling of harmony, and from meeting my own expectations in every area of my life. This philosophy, which governs both my actions and my decisions, has been hard-won and gradually developed. For this reason, what matters most to me in life is a sense of balance.

As a teenager, I suffered through a particularly rough bout of angst and depression, during which my confidence and self-worth evaporated. Seeking to remedy both the internal and external causes of my unhappiness, I took inventory of the various positive and negative forces influencing my wellbeing.

Here are some pictures from my earlier years



2. Approach / Recommendations

John: Resolving to turn my life around, I built upon the areas that were impinging on my self-esteem. I started a business to generate income and a sense of accomplishment; I invested time and effort into physical fitness to quell athletic insecurities; I studied and practiced people skills to improve my comfort level in social situations; and I doubled my efforts in math and science.

3. Results

Jon is a lot happier with his relationship life

In improving all aspects and dimension of his life he gained not only a super sense of style but also, he now doesn’t work anymore due to the income generated from his own business. He is free to take up the activities that he wants to do.

He now travels around the world attending conferences and does things he actually enjoys, and he does all this in style!




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