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Real Name: Unknown


Johnny Soporno as the name might imply is not a PUA for the man with a faint heart, however for the man looking for a crash course in the art of all things seduction, he is worth following to ensure fast track to success. He lists Hugh Hefner as his hero, and is a self proclaimed social butterfly and recovering comedian, holds a PhD, and although his bite may seem fierce to some, at heart he has been described by many women as a lovable Teddybear.  A Jack of All Trades and a master of many, he is “mostly harmless” and says his motto with women is “Take Two, They’re Small!”  You won’t find monogamy in his family dictionary, but you will find a plethora of success stories from both his clients and the women he has befriended over the years.

In addition to being a PUA extraordinaire, he also works extensively in the Adult Entertainment Industry, co-producing late night television shows and has covered everything in the adult entertainment world form escort agencies to strip clubs to adult resorts and more.

But if you think that Johnny’s work lacks a moral compass, think again. His list of credentials include being an ordained minister, crisis manager, lifestyle coach, management consultant, and even social activist.  What Johnny brings to the table in the world of PUA is a realistic approach that is both frank and approachable.  His strengths lie in the fact that he serves as an inspiration to those men that think looks are the most important factor in seducing women, as he himself does not find his own looks all that appealing according to today’s standards. To Johnny, it’s not about looks, it is about attitude, and he not only exudes that, but teaches that as well.

But his own journey to social success was not an easy one, and he says growing up most of his life “obese” and “not really good looking” made his work in the field of dating that much more difficult.  To overcome his own obstacles he undertook intense study in the fields of anthropology, transcendental meditation, and psychology in order to lose weight and realize that looks weren’t the only thing that mattered.  In fact to Johnny, in the world of seduction they are almost irrelevant.

Johnny currently divides his time between Toronto, Canada; Los Angeles, New York, and Amsterdam but travels all over the globe extensively in order to serve as a Lifestyle Guru to men, women, and couples.  He teaches his students how to positively reframe their negative perceptions and body images, and sets connections for them in establishing realistic expectations in the world of social dynamics.  His methods are simple but effective, as can be testified by his long list of clientele.  His six hour video seminar Introduction to Seductive Reasoning 101 is just one of the many programs he has authored or contributed to.

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