• Joe D.

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Real Name: Joe Doyle
    Age: Late 20’s
    Affiliation: VH1’s The Pickup Artist Season 1

    Joe D. started out as the butt of the joke for many late night hosts: Joe D was the guy living in his mom’s basement, and the only girls he could meet would tell him that he reminded them of their brother.  After hearing the LJBF line one too many times, he decided to do something about it and applied to become a part of the VH1Reality television show “The Pick-up Artist”.

    On the show VH1’s The Pickup Artist, he ended up in third place after Kosmo and Brady.

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    He’s lovable, he’s goofy, he’s entertaining, he’s romantic, and he’s real, and before his VH1 debut many girls wanted to be his friend.  He still carries those charismatic strengths, he has simply learned how to use them to his advantage when it comes to the art of seduction.  Through his experiences on “The Pickup Artist” he has learned how to relate to women better, and takes those experiences on his travels to not just find better dates, but serve by example to other men who are also trying to improve their sex lives.

    You can catch a candid interview with Joe D. during the premiere of The Pickup Artist:

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