Jealousy Plotline

Quick Definition: A tactic designed to get an HB more invested in the PUA by developing a jealousy story with another HB, which gets her to compete for the PUA’s affections.

Full Definition:

Jealousy plotlines help increase attraction in a target by presenting the possibility of one’s attention being taken away. This gets the woman chasing the PUA, rather than the other way around, which increases her investment in the interaction.

In any good pickup, there is a slight jealousy plotline thrown in somewhere along the whole interaction. People value things they have to work for, especially with women of exceptional beauty. A jealousy plotline forces her to work for the PUA’s attention, or risk losing it.

Jealousy plotlines also work as a form of pre-selection because they show that other women are interested in the PUA. People always want what other people want, so pre-selection is an automatic attraction trigger. Sometimes seeing the PUA with another girl, or seeing another woman interested in him, will increase his target’s attraction to him.


You need to create a jealousy plotline with Maria to get Johanna to chase you, instead of you chasing her.

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