• Jamie Chung and The Hangover 2

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Jamie Chung was originally born and raised in San Francisco by second-generation Korean-American parents. After her success on The Real World, she moved to L.A. where “there was more sun” and started getting small roles in Hollywood films.

    Her first “main role” cast came in 2011’s Sucker Punch, where she played the beautiful Amber. Her looks are distinctly Asian, and yet still beautiful. Her appearance in The Real World gave her an “Asian girl next door” vibe, and as Hollywood becomes more accepting of Asian film stars (especially the women) Jamie’s star will likely continue to rise in future film and modeling projects.


    Genetics100% Korean

    Originally famous for her stint on the Real World San Diego, Jamie later on starting working in the movie industry starring in Asian female roles

    Claim to fameReal World San Diego, Main role in Sucker Punch
    Background2nd Generation Korean raised in San Francisco
    SkillsActor, Model
    Date of Birth:April 10, 1983

    jamie chung

    Jamie on Sucker Punch, Hollywood times and The Wolfpack:

    There was no lack of Korean talent on The Hangover 2 this time. There’s also a trend towards Hollywood movies setting up outside of just the US. Fast five in Rio De Janeiro, The Karate Kid in China, and now The Hangover 2 in Thailand. As other countries catch up in the economic race, we may see Asians more and more in mainstream media. Here’s a bonus scene with Ken Jeong (Mr. Chow):

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