James Matador Interview

Curious as to what James Matador is up to since VH1’s The Pickup Artist aired? We get a full interview here with James about his recent adventures. In this interview we cover:

  1. Updates on Lovedrop and Mystery and The Venusian Arts
  2. His film career
  3. His new site, PUAArtist.com
  4. Using vocabulary
  5. What’s being famous like?
  6. What do you say to a guy that thinks race is an issue when picking up girls?
  7. How does Matador deal with Rejection or tough break-ups?
  8. What is a good day for you? What makes you happy?
  9. His thoughts on structured game vs. natural game, and RESPECT for the process
  10. How to deal with girls with bad reactions
  11. His use of vocabulary and how he developed it as an artform
  12. Advice to newbies on whether to use natural improv vs. structure game
  13. What is “natural game?”
  14. How to deal with voices of criticism, feminists, and people who criticize the “community”
  15. What’s he working on next (in-field videos)

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