IVC (Interest, Value, Connection)

Quick Definition: One of the old natural techniques that involves genuinely listening to a person and giving them value using what most would refer to as “comfort game” in Mystery Method.

Full Definition:

Interest stands for genuine interest in another person. This doesn’t have to be intent listening or supplication. It simply means you are genuinely interested in other people when they are talking.

Value involves something that is of value to them based on what they are talking about or what they have said.

Connection can be a statement, gesture or affirmation that what the other person said is valuable.

A proper IVC should elicit his type of facial expression where she feels genuinely acknowledged for her story or previous effort

An example of IVC can be covered in the following conversation:

Boy: “Tell me about your day today” (Interest)

Girl: “I had a super hard presentation for marketing class and our team talked about the pharmaceutical industry…”

Boy: “Sounds like you did your research on the big 5” (Value)

Girl: “You know about the main pharmaceutical companies in  New Jersey?”

Boy: “Yes, we wrote a paper on it years ago detailing the different drugs… like you did with your presentation. Did you know that Roche no longer makes branded Accutane because of all the lawsuits?” (Value)

Girl: “no way…”

Boy: “Sounds like you guys did great. Nice work!” (Connection)

Girl: Thanks! (Solidifies compliment you just gave to her)

IVC occur everyday between strangers as well as friends and as you can see from the thread above anyone can do. An artist understand that certain “conditions” can be experience in order to let the other person feel like there was value to the interaction. You don’t have to be a know-it-all to add value. Sometimes, intent listening is enough. As Tony Robbins would say, real listening is hearing the things that are not being said. Connection lines like, “I knew you could do it!” really help show your appreciation and people don’t do it enough. When done in a casual way without ulterior motives, it is a great way to make new friends by freely expressing your admiration for others. As artists, we strive to become all that we can be, and we should encourage others to do the same. Those that think if someone else is acknowledged, they themselves get less of the pie, are generally operating from a scarcity mentality with emotions.

In the MM model, IVC can be used after the open. Ideally, it is used after the initial attraction spike, so that proper compliance can be garnered from asking a girl a genuimne question and getting her effort in the response.

Notice how Tony always encourages his interviewers and makes them feel good about themselves:


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