It's All Fun and Games 'Til Your Girlfriend Finds Out You Cheated

Here’s an awesome video that breaks about ninety-three different stereotypes about Asian couples, then tosses them out on the street. Kind of like this girl’s about to do to this guy.

I want to dissect the video a good bit. Now, first, I have to admit that I don’t have a clue what they’re talking about, but I don’t need a secret decoder ring to figure out that the girl found out that her man cheated. I’m still trying to decide if the other girl standing there looking really, really bored is the accomplice party in the cheating, but since she’s not getting bitch-slapped by a high-pitched crazy woman, I’m guessing she wasn’t in on it.

I did some digging on the internet and got some translated commentary. Apparently, all the background voices in the video were from passersby telling the guy to dump her ugly ass, that he doesn’t deserve this.

I’m going to have to disagree.

Dude, you cheated on her. Judging by the way she’s freaking out–I like how the first fifty or so times she slaps him she doesn’t even drop her purse, like she’s practiced this move a lot–I totally get WHY you cheated, but you were riding the ragged edge of danger just by dating her, let alone doin’ her wrong with another girl…probably her best friend. Oh wait! NO! Her SISTER! I bet you cheated with her sister! The prettier one!

Never mind, I got carried away for a second.

Sorry, I just watched the video again, and I’m still laughing over how bored the other girl looks. When it finally escalates to hitting, the bored friend is like, “No. Wait. Stop. You totally shouldn’t hit people. Yawn.” She even puts her hand out on the psycho’s arm a couple of times, like that’s going to stop the bitch-slap rampage. The only thing that could make the friend any funnier is if she was playing Candy Crush on her phone throughout this whole thing.

But I have to hand it to the guy, he does know how to yell. I can’t tell if he’s throwing himself on the ground begging, or if she just slapped him down there and he figured it was safer to stay put because all she could reach was his face.

Then she starts kicking him too, but I have to say, she has far better slap technique. I mean, the hair-grab-to-slap ratio is pretty impressive for a skinny, crazy girl. Then at like, four and half minutes, she’s all, “Is that all you got? Huh? What else you got?” Shortly afterward, this one bystander is trying to talk some sense into the girl (good luck), but then her lunch date shows up and she’s all, “Oh, heeeeey! How ARE you?!” and forgets about the brutality of young dating for a minute.

What really, really impressed me was the bystanders. They just kind of stood there watching, but at a really close distance. Nobody was sneaking glances from behind a newspaper, they’re practically actors in this carnival sideshow. The one lady even had a speaking part. I kept waiting for a flash mob to jump out and start singing, “It’s Raining Men!” But props to the camera guy, it was really nice of him to work the zoom and move around for different camera angles.

Let this be a lesson to the dating world. I’m not exactly sure what that lesson should be, but do learn from it.

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