• Investment

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The effort and value provided by the target on behalf of the PUA over time.

    Full Definition:

    Investment is an important concept, often skipped over by MM practitioners because of the public’s attention to generate “attraction”. Attraction can be created by a lot of guys at the club, given the stimulation of the environment. Most guys miss the concept of investment. If attraction or comfort can be turned into investment, the girl will feel more inclined to get more from you as well. This is a psychological concept that was proven in laboratories. Investment includes:

    1. At first, spending time with you at a club. Her opportunity cost is high if she is hot, and she’s choosing to be with you
    2. Getting her to hold her hands up, moving out of a chair, or following you, or standing up to see how tall she is (primer for a neg or compliment). Any physical move is a small investment because in her mind you’re still a “stranger”
    3. A venue change (bounce) is an investment on her part
    4. Buying you drinks
    5. Cooking for you
    6. Bringing something over to a party
    7. Sex, of course, being the biggest investment on her part
    8. Love, ultimately, the highest level investment if she falls in love with you or puts herself in a position to do so

    Investment from her solidifies your relationship with her, while over investment from the guy before she is ready is considered unattractive and results in flakes

    Depending on the girl, investment can be easily obtains, or very hard. A hot girl could have an easy investment level if she likes you, while others can be super hard. On average, a higher level of compliance requires attraction, and some comfort. Attraction can get you through 1-3, however from 4 on-wards there needs to be at least some comfort (she feels calm and trusts you in your presence)


    Turn attraction into investment and your numbers will flake less

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