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  • Interview With Justin Wayne: NYC Dating, Romance, In-Field Footage And Fake Footage Claims

    By on January 14, 2015

    After all the “hot girlfriends of PUAs” fiasco, I caught up with Justin Wayne to talk about his game, his dating company (Justin Wayne Dating) and his response to any doubters.

    Justin Wayne is the first PUA in History to actually record the entire process from approaching hot girls on the streets to then make them his girlfriend… and then gets her to accept his other girlfriends…

    For more on Justin Wayne, checkout his coaching site right here.

    Here is our EPIC interview:

    Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

    In this interview we talk about:

    1. Archetype Game
    2. Romance vs. Sex
    3. Romance Connection
    4. Looking Good vs. Good Looking
    5. Dating as a minority
    6. Unconscious vs. Conscious Attraction
    7. “Maybe to No” Girls
    8. Tester Openers
    9. MTV Video and Aaron Sleezy Comments

    Justin’s video explaining how and why girls tattoo his name:

    More Pics of Justin Wayne:





    For more pictures of Justin Wayne, his girls, and tattoos of his name on girls, checkout:

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    • As a fellow black guy, and we are a minority in the pickup genre, I’ve always been rooting for JW. But it’s funny how Sleazy tried to ruin him a while back, and that actually blew JW up ever since. It”s was sort of a case where bad publicy turned out to be good publicity :lol:

    • Avatar Sam

      Justin Wayne is the best by far. No other PUA has been able to pull of these feats.

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