Interview Pickup

Quick Definition: A boring date consisting of interview style questions.

Full Definition:

Interview pickup” is a somewhat derisive term that PUAs use to refer to the stereotypical, boring dates that AFCs often find themselves on. Rather than the fun bantering and rapport building recommended by most pick up artists, an interview pickup consists strictly of boring questions and perhaps even more boring answers. Interview pickups are conversations that happen strictly on a logical, informational level, rather than on an emotional one.

So where do you see yourself in 5 years?
So where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A good way to avoid turning day 2s into interviews is to go on active dates such as salsa dancing or mini golf, where there’s lots of fun built into the event itself, which can lead to a lot of fun opportunities for banter and kino escalation. Dates that don’t revolve around sitting around a dinner table having a serious conversation also means there’s less opportunity for the PUA to stick his foot in his mouth before he’s fclosed his target.

Another way to keep conversations from turning into interviews is to not ask as many questions, and use rewarding and relating to have a conversation on an emotional level, rather than just an interview style data exchange. By relating on emotions, a PUA is able to build conversational rapport and create a more pleasant and interesting conversational experience.

In general, conversations in the beginning stages of a pickup should be light and playful, and gradually build to a more serious emotional connection. Asking some questions is a part of this process, but it’s important not to get trapped into an interview style Q&A session. Even boring interview-style questions can be turned into starting points for interesting conversations if the PUA is able to relate properly to them.

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