Quick Definition: An event or person that temporarily stops the communication between the PUA and the HB.

Full Definition:

Interrupts are inevitable in pickup, as the cold approach requires the PUA to enter new sets and meet new people. As such, the HB will have friends of her own, as well as other guys approaching her. It is important to recognize when interrupts happen, who or what it originates from, and how to handle interrupts.

An internal interrupt is a disturbance to seduction caused by the girl or within a girl, such as a girl dragging her friend away. An external interrupt is when a outside person (friend, boyfriend, bartender) starts engaging the set for whatever reason and takes their attention off of the PUA before he is locked in or has reached a social hook point.

AMOG interrupts can be handled via ignorance, out-alphaing, or rapport building. If it is a guy in her social circle, it is important to DQ as well as build rapport with him.

Mother hens generally just want respect for their leadership and governance of the group. A common mother hen diffuser is “you are a really good friend, you’re the leader of your group and you watch out for your girls. I like that. When I am out with my boys, I am the same way.”

Waiters, bouncers, waitresses, all other third party interrupts usually can be handled by remaining calm and polite. If another player starts gaming your girl, there are AMOG tactics to destroy him.

Usually, if an interrupt happens early in the interaction, the PUA will have to somehow re-hook to his original gambit or stack a new gambit to get the HB’s attention back. Once the interaction has been long enough and long term DHVs have been established, the PUA can usually calmly wait for the HB’s attention to come back, as well as start talking to other people himself.

The best way to handle an interrupt from a girlfriend is to acknowledge her too and loop her into the conversation. A wing is also extremely helpful in these situations to assist with the origins of the interrupt.

Watch how Mehow handles the sister’s interrupts:


I had at least 3 interrupts when trying to extract Erica from the club last night.

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