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    Quick Definition: A sub-section of game that deals with gaming girls via online dating sites, forum, social sites, usually with a focus on scalability and efficiency.

    Full Definition:

    Internet game is a bit controversial. PUAs started using online profiles and testing this area of game as Internet dating became more mainstream in the last 90s and early 2000s. Dave Miz actually thoroughly tested all types of internet dating scenarios and first came up with his product Insider Internet Dating (IIS). Other PUAs have their own private and proprietary dating processes.

    Other in-field coaches consider internet dating a bonus. Cajun, for example, cites it as an additional source of leads. Other PUAs actually don’t have time to do Internet dating, and prefer cold approaching.


    Don’t use online dating as an excuse NOT to go out

    Where Internet dating causes controversy is when a newbie refuses to go out, and uses Internet dating as an excuse to avoid “rejection” and actually learning in field. Eventually, you still need to meet the woman and exhibit attractive traits, and cold approaching and in-field training, many believe, is still the best way to do this.

    There have been masters, however, who leverage their online profiles for dates, and also continue to improve their cold approach skills. This is the ideal combination of scalability with technology and charisma via face to face interactions.


    How is your online game?

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