• Internalized Reference Point

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: An experience that creates a deep emotional connection and strong memory chord which permanently changes an artist’s behavior pattern.

    Full Definition:

    Reference points help the artist develop new experiences about how the world works, especially related to women. Over time, similar reference points start developing like a cluster of data points. After a tipping point, the reference point and lesson is finally internalized. And it becomes a permanent part of the artist.

    Once internalized, the artist is able to recognize previous patterns and behave in a way that is most beneficial for him and most mitigating in damages.

    For example, if a girl is being distant and dismissive, the PUA who has internalized it recognizes is a IOD. He can choose to move on to the next set, or neg her back, choosing himself on whether it is worth it or not. He already has this reference point, so he can choose to engage her behavior, or not to. He already knows the future path and outcome of the decision he’s making.


    reference point

    Practice makes perfect as military uses Humvees on a referenced point on the blueprint


    tiger pga tour

    Successful golfers use internalized reference points when they plan out their swings


    I have an internalized reference point for dealing with LMR. Big Time.

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