Quick Definition: Randomly rewarding good behavior as to create a pattern of behavior in a subject that is permanent later on, with or without a reward.

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Intermittence is a term taken from psychology, where it is used to describe the phenomena that people often respond more to an intermittent or sporadic positive stimulus, rather than a predictable or continuous stream of pleasure. This concept is one of the reasons that gambling is so addicting.

PUAs take advantage of this concept by rewarding girls at random intervals, and then ignoring them by using active disinterest, to get their targets “addicted” to their positive stimulus and get their targets to chase them.

Intermittence is better than the common earn-reward method, which is where one makes people earn every reward before one gives it to them, because the earn-reward method is predictable, and, over time, people get desensitized to it, take the reward for granted, or even figure out ways to “game” the system.

Using intermittence helps keep an interaction lively and unpredictable. In seduction, predictability is boring and kills attraction.


Try to reward the HB intermittently to encourage good behavior.

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