• Intensity

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    Quick Definition: The depth of a conversation that is relayed by a person’s communication, which can be high or low energy.

    Full Definition:

    In PIMP, Julien explains the concept behind Energy vs. Intensity. Energy levels can be adjusted and changed based on the person’s mood and projection. Intensity is different. A person with a very strong intensity can say something quietly, but still have the same impact. His words are crystal clear and there’s a sense of urgency behind his voice.

    In  dance floor game, Julien demonstrates how with low energy and HIGH intensity, he’s able to whisper to the girl and get her to stop dancing and talk to him. He further explains how this can only last 2-3 minutes, at which point you have to dance with her, or pull her to another location, or engage her later.

    High intensity can override energy levels. This concept is important so that newbies with very high energy levels don’t mistake that for success. A jokester can have very high energy levels but have little success. Similarly, a normal guy with the right level of intensity can engage girls with low energy.


    Gangsters are great at conveying high intensity words with low energy projection

    Usage: Work on your intensity as well as your energy levels.

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