Instant Upgrade: The Underused Gem

What should every man—stylish or otherwise—own? A great watch, a black leather belt, a navy blue blazer, aviator sunglasses. You know the list. You’ve got them. You probably had them before a thousand blogs and articles and style experts on TV told you to run out and buy them. I mean, who doesn’t have a BELT? Seriously. That guy’s got bigger problems that suffering from a severe lack of style. Guy’s got pants around his ankles.

So you’re a pro. You’ve gone beyond the basics and even took it a step further. You’ve got a few sets of cufflinks, tons of white undershirts, a couple of pairs of age-appropriate jeans and shoes for a million different occasions. What’s chapter 3 in your style story? The underused gem. Great you can rock the aviators and the cufflinks. But these oft-forgotten accessories really kick it up a notch when it comes to looking great, head-to-toe. And because they’re not so common, you’ll catch a ton of attention from women and men alike.

Strut on, style icon, strut on.

You have hats, I know. But hear me out. There’s more to topping off your look than baseball caps and those wool ones you’re probably sporting right about now. There are hats and there are HATS. Never tried one? It’s easy.

No matter your face shape, a Fedora looks good on pretty much everyone. Feeling adventurous? If you’ve got a long, thin face try a modern Trilby. Maybe you’re a little rounder in that area? A Panama is a good look that gives you some added height, and naturally elongates your face. Rag & Bone makes some cool, well-priced lids. Just remember to remove it as soon as you’re indoors. The rules of etiquette don’t fly out the window just because you look good.

mens fedora
A Fedora looks good on any guy, no matter the shape of your face.

Pocket Square
You can’t honestly say you haven’t noticed the guy in the room with the crisp pocket square sticking out of his jacket pocket. No doubt he looks so sharp and so effortlessly cool. The pocket square is the easiest, least expensive way to give your suit a style upgrade. Go Don Draper-white or up the ante with plaid, stripes, gingham or a bold color. The Tie Tack makes great pocket squares. So does Brooks Brothers—so, really, there’s no excuse, guys.

Money Clip
I can already hear you—“I have a wallet. Money. Goes. In. Wallet.” Right, and so do a thousand credit cards, rewards cards, pictures, gift certificates…chances are your wallet is thick and you wind up rummaging around to fish out a few bills every time you’re out. Stop the insanity. Get a money clip. Use your wallet for normal, every day stuff—going to work, running errands—but sport a sleek money clip when you’re going out and don’t need all the extras. Pop it around your cash and a credit card or two and slide in your front pocket. You avoid the unsightly back-of-pants bulge, can quickly access just what you need, and curb pickpocketing—bonus.

Suspenders have gotten a bad rap over the years. But these almost-demonized accessories have made a real resurgence recently, and not just on Gordon Gekko-wannabes and old dudes. Back in the day men sported suspenders to keep their slacks perfectly “suspended,” whereas now you’d rather cinch with a belt. We’ve seen the hipsters do it right, but for the Every Man who’s a little more style-reluctant, go with the classic look: under a suit. Cufflinks are mandatory and a power tie is encouraged. When you take off your jacket, you’ll instantly look more pulled together and infinitely sharper than the masses.

Admit it, they look cool.

Fine, it’s not really an accessory. But you need it FOR your accessories. Don’t be That Guy rooting through every drawer in the house looking for a missing cufflink or tie tack or the extra watch links. You look good now keep it together. Invest in a good valet for your dresser or nightstand. Everything goes in at night, and is waiting for you in the AM. Easy as that.
Image credit, Fedora: warrengoldswain / 123RF Stock Photo. Image credit, Suspenders: luislouro / 123RF Stock Photo


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