Instant Spectators

Quick Definition: The many observers that the pickup artist unknowingly creates while sarging.

Full Definition:

Being a pickup artist is in many ways like being a performer. But sometimes, your audience isn’t limited to the women that you’re picking up. Often times the simple act of a man approaching a woman is enough to turn heads. And if that isn’t enough of a reason, seeing a man make a strange woman laugh and enjoy his company after just meeting him is sure to make a lot of people want to observe you from afar.

Audience members
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These are your instant spectators. And every pickup artist starting out in the game is painfully aware of them. People turn into instant spectators because as a pickup artist you will most definitely be doing things that will be perceived as against the norm. For example, when you neg a girl, people within earshot will quickly turn to see what her response is. Or when you pick up a girl, caveman style, and twirl her around, they will be equally fascinated.

These types of instant spectators can put lot of beginner pickup artists at unease which in turns stiffens them up, eventually affecting their game. Amateur pickup artists worry about what people might be thinking of them and if they’re embarrassing themselves and end up letting their game suffer as a result. But the great pickup artists realize that these instant spectators are quite frankly insignificant. The true pickup artist is completely at ease at being observed and isn’t perturbed by what people may or may not be thinking of him. He realizes that most instant spectators are just people who would never find the balls to be doing what he is and that they watch his every move for that reason alone. Some pickup artists even go as far as to give them a good show.

Usage: When you go out sarging, be ready for the instant spectators.

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