• Inspirations and Dealing with Temporary Failure

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    You wake up on Monday morning, and the routine starts.

    Work. Office. Boss. Emails. Routine. Lunch. Get back home. Sleep. And the day starts all over again.

    I did this for 3.5 years. I hate it everyday. I would find every opportunity to wiggle my way out of it, or to find an alternative to the path. I started building my own business, with a partner still in school. We succeeded in making some money, but it wasn’t enough.

    Certain people can deal with the mundaneness of this routine, but I cannot. Yet, when push comes to shove, you need to money to put food on the table. You need it to survive.

    A plan evolves to put your life in order. To put the life you were meant to live into action. As you travel on this path, things change, people change. You succeed at certain things, you fail at others.

    Over the past few weeks, I have gone from pure Ecstasy to sometimes, the most painful feeling in the world. This type of pain I haven’t felt before, not even when I broke up with my last GF. It is the type of pain that feels like a black hole in your stomach, sucking the life energy from every direction. Your feet starts shaking and you are afraid. Afraid of losing the life that you have and the dreams you envisioned.

    I started to push myself into action, because the depression alone would crush my soul. I sought help. I went to interviews. I went to see the founders of the startups of the Silicon Valley. There were supposed to be the Gods that I prayed to and worshiped for the last 7 years. As I journeyed along I realized that the Gods do exist, but they are merely mortals in the position of Gods. Their powers were controlled via their ability to motivate others and to organize process and information.

    When I left Google I promised myself that I would always live life to my potential. And this has led me to my current journey.

    Its not easy starting a company. In fact, its fucking hard. But I wouldn’t say it is harder than working the same mundane job. It is just different.

    Recently, I met 2 mentors. Masters in their craft. One is Arash (Achilles). This guy oozes game and has incorporated pick up into everything he does. He sees no limitations where others do, and he is strong in many of the ways that I am not. Instead of criticizing others, he inspires. I am beginning to see the potential not just in pickup. I used to think that it is a “game” and once I mastered the “skill” i can goto a nightclub and get girls. Arash has taught me that this has to be part of your life. In addition to just “PU skills”, it extends beyond that. Having hot girls in your life, and integrate with our mission, your business, and your leisure time.

    Another mentor of mine found me. Through pure luck or God’s grace, he is financially a master. He saw potential in me, and has offered me a chance to do something that I have always wanted to, with a very strong financial backing. He’s not a pick up master, but he’s a master investor. His previous businesses all took off, and he sees the waves that happen in business acquisitions and…. just understand how money moves around in the world and how to siphon it.

    A 3rd inspiration is my friend EH. EH has always been an entrepreneur, but has suffered losses. Despite losing everything, his spirit remains strong and he sees this as a lesson. He has inspired me and he knows exactly what to say when he’s down. He makes me realize that wealth and love are mutually exclusive, and that today’s global world enables us to create the life that we want despite geographical and political differences.

    Without these 3 people, I suppose my life would be in a deep depression right now. Instead, when I wake up these days I feel a strong energy from my gut. It radiates and makes the rest of my body and mind stronger. It feels like I can do anything. This energy fluctuates in strength over the course of the day, but it is generally there… as long as I am walking the challenging and difficult path I am supposed to be traveling.

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    Preston Blain April 6, 2011 - 3:22 pm

    Really enjoyed reading this. It was a good insight about living the life you wanna live. The skill you mentioned about not criticizing but inspiring is an awesome skill to have.


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