Inner Game

Quick Definition: The area of game that deals with one’s personal development, inner beliefs, core values, and life goals.

Full Definition:

Inner game is the core of pickup. While learning techniques can help convey the characteristics of a man who has strong inner game, to remain train truly congruent as a pickup artist, one must develop solid inner game.

Developing strong inner game will help one to overcome congruence tests, shit tests, and other obstacles one comes across in the field. No matter how hard one tries to hide one’s faults and negative beliefs, they will always express themselves somehow through unconscious subcommunication that a woman will pick up on. Thus, overcoming one’s insecurities and negative thought patterns is ultimately the best way to DHV oneself and communicate alpha characteristics.

One of the best ways to develop a strong inner game, ironically enough, is to develop one’s outer game. Developing a sense of style, improving one’s body language, and developing social skills will ultimately lead to changes in one’s self-image and core beliefs. This in turn will help lead to better results in one’s outer game, leading to a positive feedback loop.

Other ways to develop one’s inner game are through positive self-talk, affirmations, journaling, and other methods of self exploration. These will lead to a stronger sense of identity and allow one to keep a strong frame while out in the field. Ultimately, inner and outer are linked together, and both should be worked on to develop a solid game.

As expressed in Style’s Social Robot post, most mPUAs have passions outside of pickup and the presence of girls that make them happy. By leading a fulfilling life that others (including women) want to be part of, an artist ultimately wins in the game of life.


You’re focusing too much on techniques; you need to develop your inner game.

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