Industry Nights

Quick Definition: The default night that each city has where professional nightlife employees gather to relax and socialize.

Full Definition:

Industry nights is a great venue to meet otherwise unattainable hired guns. Furthermore, as aspiring PUA’s turf is the nightlife, so industry nights is an obvious event to take advantage of. Over time, industry nights strangers will become friends, and you will have easier access to parts of the city that were previously inaccessible.

Keep in mind that other people usually work together or are in the nightlife industry. You may need a reason to be there (i.e. I want to be a bartender), or simply own your white collar (day job) status.

Don’t go all out hitting on girls on industry night, typically people go to network and get to know others in the industry better. Words gets around in the same job market, so be aware of this. Use industry nights for networking more than practicing cold approach pick up.

industry nights poster example


When is Industry Night in San Diego?

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