Indicator of Sexual Interest (ISI)

Quick Definition: Evidence from an HB or PUA which indicates real sexual interest in the other person.

Full Definition:

An ISI is an overtly sexual IOI, which can include sexual innuendos, “fuck-me” eyes, and aggressive kino. In women, ISIs are more common in older women who have less ASD, or younger women who have become so overcome by arousal that ASD is no longer a concern for them.

In men, ISIs can be a form of GM Style, Gunswitch Style, or Direct Game.

Russell Brand on ISIs. Notice the IOIs from Carrie whenever he reinforces his frame.


She was giving me some pretty strong ISIs, so I invited her back to my place.

Related Terms: IOI, SOI, Attraction, DDBL, ASD, Body Language

Source: Vincent Chase

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