Indicator of Interest (IOI)

Quick Definition: A sign or signal from an HB that conveys attraction.

Full Definition:

IOIs are conscious, and often unconscious, actions that an HB takes to communicate her interest in a man. Most AFCs are ignorant of IOIs, but, with training, a PUA can begin to see the subtle signals that a woman may be interested in him, which can lead to warmer approaches.

While there are many forms of IOIs and variations of IOIs, the general IOIs to look for, in order of escalation, are:

HB sees you and holds eye contact, “come talk to me” look (AI)

HB scratches her hand, touches her hair (unconscious physical)

HB body language is warm and leans openly toward you (BL)

HB touching you (kino escalation)

HB complies with a request (compliance)

HB says she likes something about you (verbal)

HB has DDBL (eye contact)

HB licking her lips (kiss close)

HB pushes up her breasts (sexual escalation)

HB willing to bounce or allow to be isolated, or leave the bar with you (seduction bounce)

Sometimes women can throw out fake IOIs, which are not genuine indicators of interest but ploys designed to deceive a man into doing favors for her. Field experience and calibration will enhance a PUAs sensitivity and understanding of genuine IOIs.

In the Mystery Method, it is often standard practice to go for a kclose after receiving 3 IOIs from a woman.

Kezia demonstrating IOIsPart1
Kezia demonstrating IOIs Part 2

It is not necessary for IOIs to exists for the PUA to escalate. All you need is continued compliance (i.e. she doesn’t say stop). As you get better the social cues will become easier and easier to read.

how a girl should send signals to a guy she likes


That girl is throwing me IOIs like crazy; I should probably kiss her.

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