Indicator of Disinterest (IOD)

Quick Definition: A sign or signal from an HB that conveys disinterest.

Full Definition:

IODs are subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle, signals that a woman is not interested in having any sort of interaction with the PUA. IODs can be verbal, such a woman telling a PUA “that’s not funny” or “I have a boyfriend”; or they can be physical, like avoiding eye contact and evasive body language. Non-verbal IODs tend to be more reliable than just words.

It is important to realize that IODs do not necessarily mean that a woman is completely uninterested in a sexual relationship. Sometimes an IOD could just be part of a bitch shield, or it could be a shit test designed to test the strength of the PUAs frame. Whatever the case, it’s usually best for the PUA to plough through the interaction unless the woman specifically tells him to go away.

Some ways to overcome IODs are by either negging or doing a false takeaway. If the IOD is coming from a girlfriend such as a mother hen, the PUA must recognize the need to win her approval first before he can isolate the target.


I was getting some IODs from her, but I got her to eventually chase me by keeping a stronger frame.

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