Incidental opportunity (IO)

Quick Definition: When an artist is not in pickup mode and living his normal life, and sees an opportunity to meet a new girl.

Full Definition:

This term refers to when you are living your normal life and an opportunity opens up with a target. For example, I was in between flights and a lone target also had the same flights. Excellent opportunity to open her with that in common.

Sometimes, when an artist is with his group of non-PUA friends, or with family, he may not be out “sarging” , but notice a smile from a girl. This is no reason not to chat her up, and seems smooth and coincidental. The artist is simply following up on natural opportunities that fall in his path, and not venturing off his normal route.

During Christmas time or the holiday season, Incidental Opportunities are common. In college, many of these opportunities arise going to class, leaving class, being on the campus cafeteria, etc. As such, college is an easy social medium for meeting new friends as well as girls you like.

School is a great place for natural, IO interactions

Most people get IO opportunities at work, and as such meet a lot of future spouses while working. If you are just going about your day, do not turn OFF and On “PUA mode” as if you are a robot, behave naturally and normally, and approach girls as you normally would. This allows the PUA to internalize the life of a true natural, and the life of of a human being within a social world.


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