In the Moment

Quick Definition: Focusing on the here and the now in your interactions with women.

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There are thousands of newbies that encounter the following phenomenon when getting into the game – They read up on the most comprehensive pickup guide books, attend as many seminars as they can, memorize as many openers and routines as humanely possible and spend hours working on their inner game. But when they finally go out into the field and start approaching women, they find themselves being blown out before even getting a few words in.

This is a result of not being in the moment. While it is important to educate and prepare yourself for every eventuality when playing the game, it’s even more important to be present and be in the moment when actually playing it.

Man and woman deep in conversation
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For example, many pickup artists shoot themselves in the foot on the approach itself by not being in the moment. By worrying about the perfect opener to use and being too trapped in their own heads worrying about how cool or suave they look, they end up coming across as robotic and creepy. When you approach a girl, the only thing running through your mind should be the fact that she looks cool and that you’d love to meet and get to know her. Not what opener you’re going to use on her, if it’ll work, or a million other things.

Remember, women are incredibly intuitive creatures and can sense when a man isn’t completely in the moment with her. A lot of pickup artists, even experienced ones, fall into the trap of trying to rush through their routines to speed up the process and reach a specific outcome they have in mind. By doing this, they deny themselves the opportunity to enjoy the process of seduction. Women respond to you much better when you are in the moment with them and are more concerned on having a great conversation going with her than getting a specific outcome out of the interaction.

Usage: Being in the moment allows you to enjoy the process of seduction, regardless of the outcome.

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