In Sickness, In Health

I got the fever, bad in the past 2 weeks. The days off work as I was recovering, I thought about my life in more depth than I have in a while. At the end of the day, a important question came to mind: If I died tomorrow, would I have lived a good life? Who would really remember me? Mom called, ex girlfriends called. A handful of friends called, but I realized that I did not have any hot female friends. That is, aside from a few from college, I currently do not have any really beautiful HB female friends. (By really beautiful, think HB8+ (potential to be a model). A few lessons came to mind

1. David DeAngelo said in his teachings to make 5 HB8+ friends of girls who you would like to date, but befriend them. Having these girls in your life will teach you the things you need to know about the inner workings, thoughts and the lifestyles of these women. Moreover, they will constantly supply you with their group of HBs.

2. Badboy, when he visited us in SF said that having girls will not make you happy. I am starting to finally understand what he means. Having girlfriends… while you get regular sex, is not a “happy” feeling. In other words, I would rather have deep relationships with 5 GFs/ex GFs – have both a friend and sexual relationship with all of them, than date 10 girls who I have no connection with.

3. Mystery said that being a mPUA is a lifestyle. As such, you MUST be a guy who enjoys going out, and always have something going on. If you are not a club person, Masters/Doc has many GFs and specializes in harem management by throwing social parties and wine parties. I realized that while I enjoy going out, this enjoyment has been adapted in order to become better at pickup. I would rather have a nice night out at the movies or at a restaurant, and I realized this recently. A perfect day for me, is a day spent in relaxation and happiness. It could be a day at the amusement part – a day at a museum where I learned something. Going to a club, while drinking, dancing is nice, is not what I am after at the end of the tunnel. However, being able to hold my own in a club, learning how to peacock and initiative conversations, these are very important skills to master in one of the most dangerous hunting grounds – the dance/loud club.

As I recovered, I am putting picking up girls on hold to figure out what I really want in life. Only then can I truly have clarity around my thoughts about PU.