Improvisational Opener

Quick Definition: Similar to a situational opener, except that it contains elements of drama and “make believe” in the opening statement. (Like in drama and improv class)

Full Definition:

Instead of commenting on the situation at hand like the situational opener, and improvisational opener creates an scenario that is made up, and the girl can decide whether or not to play along. Examples of improvisational openers are:

  • Standing side by side to a girl and bumping into her, saying, “sorry I’m late. Oh look, you got all dressed up for me!”
  • Going up to a girl with 5 guys standing next to her and saying, “so how much did you pay all these guys to stand next to you? I am saving you now from the avalanche of turtles, princess peach.”
  • Grabbing a girl and saying, “Hey, my ex-girlfriend is standing right there. Pretend to be my girlfriend for the next 2 minutes okay?”

Improv is powerful because it creates a conspiracy between the girl and the artist right from the beginning. It also subcommunicates creativity, wit, and balls.

This type of opener also screens for boring girls, as many women may be hard pressed to play along or come up with something equally creative. As such, always have a contingency plan when doing an improv opener. If a line falls flat, follow-up by saying, “It’s okay. I just got out of improv class and was still in the mood. [pause for calibration].” If she looks at you like you are a weirdo, eject. Some girls can be boring like that. Most likely though, she will say something along the lines of, “oh! that sounds fun. What do you do in improv class?”

Improv everywhere at Grand Central station:



If you don’t know what to say, just improv.

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