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Implicit Technique

AKA Implicit Skill Set

Quick Definition: The skills and techniques of a master that he cannot convey through words  and can only be learned by careful observation of his actions.

Full Definition:

Whenever a really great player performs, or a master in any field, a part of his behavior is unconscious. As such, despite being the best teachers, there’s an element of mystery to them because the full extent of their technique is not verbalized. The more trained and self aware a master is, the more likely is he able to pass on this intimate knowledge. However, implicit techniques in general are those key things that often glossed over at pick up seminars, but observed and internalized in field.

How does one explain the electrifying energy of a set? Sometimes, the PUA needs to go in field to see this for himself. Implicit techniques also may encompass a master’s personal strengths. For example, not everyone has Jeffy’s great mastery of vocabulary, and not everyone looks like Gambler’s smooth European avatar. As such, each PUA needs to learn a skill and calibrate it to his identity. Masters may implicitly use a certain dimension of their style or personality and not even realize it. An example Vince Kelvin or Mehow using their more “feminine” styles that are implicit “pretend I’m gay” techniques that work great on women, but a macho, more masculine guy can’t master.

Tim Ferris explains implicit technique in his cook the 4 Hour Chef, whereby these techniques match the ones most commonly taught, combined over one’s own strengths.

learning skill chart tim ferris sweet spot


Implicit techniques can only be learned by face to face interaction.

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