Quick Definition: A representation, usually visual, of the external/public form of a person or brand entity.

Full Definition:

Image has become the icon of marketing success in the capitalistic world we find ourselves in. In the entertainment industry, one could argue that “image” is everything.

The mass population growth in the last two hundred years has changed the world into a brand-awareness culture. There are simply too many things to pay attention to at once, and therefore we tend to silo things into different sections in our mind maps. An image helps the consumer quickly identify a product or celebrity and attached it to a feeling that he or she is familiar with.

For example:

1. Britney Spears = teenage pop star and tabloid magnet

2. Ipad = sleek and sexy, expensive but worth it

3. Playstation = video games. Black box. Sleek.

4.McDonalds = Yellow. Hungry. Food. BigMac.

5. Mystery (PUA) = tall. Skinny. “A vampire that stopped aging”, magician, pick up artist

An image creates positive and negative emotions. Mostly, marketers want to hit positive emotions that make people buy their products. Sometimes, in industries like life insurance, negative messages can cause enough fear for a purchase. Example: “buy your life insurance now before you die.”

An image is an important part of a PUA’s avatar. It needs to stand for something and hit triggers quickly. Style consultants work with a person’s “Image“. Images that are not yet created, or people who are not yet famous, have a chance to re-make their image. Such chances are also given between high school and college transitions. However, with the internet and the loss of our privacy, this is becoming more and more difficult to do. Rather than changing just an “image,” we now must change our core as well to stay congruent.



What’s your image to these people in the audience? Think about it before you go on stage.

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