Image Consultant

An image consultant is a professional who is hired by individuals or businesses to advise them on their image, which includes not only their fashion sensibilities, but how they compose themselves in public with others. While image consultants are concerned with the way their clients look, they are also concerned with the way that their clients compose themselves, particularly while wearing the clothes and accessories that have been recommended for them.

Image consultants take a lot of factors into consideration when helping clients figure out which wardrobe decisions would be best for them.  Factors that consultants take into consideration include weight and height, skin tone/complexion, hair color and length, eye color, bone structure, etc. Image consultants in many ways are like style analysts, assessing their clients’ styles and picking out wardrobe staples that will look amazing on them.

Vince: Over time , a strong and competent image coach can see similarities and patterns in client's mental behavior patterns, and work to help them get over their normal barriers. They can also sense regular patterns in clients who have a particular attribute, such as being shorter, or wider than the average ideal. The consultant is not loyal to any particular person, and thus holds an objective rather than personal eye towards the client. He does not judge him or know him as a friend, rather, as a person who he is consulting on through image alone. This objectivity is the highest level of ideal for the image consultant.

image consulting before after mens style
What is your first impression of the guy on the left? What about the right? Is it the same person? This is the power of an image consultant.

Image consultants can spend a lot of time assisting clients. Depending upon the particular needs of clients, image consultants can spend hours or days advising their clients on what to wear.  An image consultant may advise a shorter man to wear a vertical striped sweater instead of a horizontal style because vertical stripes will elongate his body and make him appear taller and more slender, while horizontal stripes will have the opposite effect.  Image consultants also provide a very real but often understated service of being a self-esteem counselor of sorts.  For many men, having someone root them on, advise them on how to look good, and then validate their self-worth can be an invaluable ego boost.


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