Quick Definition: A part of inner game, identity refers to knowing oneself at a core level. In its reference to outer game, identity relates to how one can quickly convey this core personality in a prepackaged, stylish, and easy to remember form.

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Identity is at the core of pickup. Establishing relationships with women (beyond just the sexual) is ultimately about learning who you really are. All men that are extremely good with women have a strong identity. Once a strong enough identity is established it can be communicated outwardly through style, body language and behavior in a social setting that is congruent with the person’s core personality.

In Mystery Method, an example of communicating identity in a set is picking a 2-3 word occupation term that has positive connotations to it. For example, instead of describing oneself as an “engineer,” a PUA could say “I am a hacker” and then jump into a grounding sequence (story) about what he wanted to be when he was a kid and how he got to where he is today.

In RSD, Tim describes radiating from “the core.” This happens when your mechanical skills are up to par and you can improvise a situation with the girl and not be “in your head.” An example he demonstrates is when he goes up to a girl and says, in a loud, confidence, slightly rapport breaking voice, “Hey! You’re my next girlfriend for the next 5 minutes. Now, we’re on a date. What should we do?” Depending on the girl’s response, he could say, “That’s rubbish! I’m breaking up with you!” with a physical takeaway, and then re-hook with another conversational thread.

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