• Icy

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: The look in an artist’s eyes that shows he’s on a straight path toward his goals with strong conviction.

    Full Definition:

    People to have high emotional leverage and drive tend to have icy looks. They are serious about what they are pursuing. Experienced PUAs should all have this when they are actively in field for long periods of time. They simply respond less to BS, and are more attuned to social interactions and managing them in a way that moves them closer toward their true goal.

    If you watch any of the RSD videos, you will generally see icy looks into the camera. Truly experiencing the “icy” player look needs to be done in field, as it is accompanied by a strong energy frequency.


    Owen’s “icy” look


    Julien‘s eyes were iccy throughout our interaction yesterday.

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