Ice Breaker

Quick Definition: An opener that gets a woman talking back to you.

Full Definition:

You are all no doubt familiar with the term ‘opener.’ Well, an ice breaker is an opener that gets a woman talking back to you.

An ice breaker differs from an opener in the fact that sometimes an opener’s sole purpose is to get a girl’s attention. An opener becomes an ice breaker when a girl decides that she wants to involve herself in conversation and contributes to the conversational thread. Any type of opener can be used as an ice breaker.

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Opinion Openers – Opinion openers are great for pickup artists who are new to the game and feel more comfortable coming in under the radar. They are also the mainstay of certain schools of pickup where indirect game is the main strategy. When using an opinion opener it is important to quickly ground you opener (give her a reason as to why you’re asking her opinion on something) and to steer the conversation forward as quickly as possible.

PUA: Hey, who do you think lies more, men or women? My friend and I need you to settle an argument on this one. 

Girl: Men for sure! 

PUA: Ha! I like how quick you were to answer. My name’s James. What’s your name?

Girl: I’m Mia. 

PUA: Nice to meet you Mia. I like your hair color. How do you get it so bright?

Situational Openers These are openers that use whatever that’s going on in the environment around you to start a conversation. When using situation openers to break the ice it is important that they not just be boring statements like “nice weather huh?” and that they invite her to join in a dialog with you.

PUA: (Spotting a girl who just ran across a flashing traffic light) Well done! You must be off somewhere important!

Girl: Oh, I’m just heading for lunch.

PUA: Me too! I’ll join you.

Direct Openers – Direct openers work great in daytime settings, and when used with the right vocal tonality and body language make great ice breakers. Women are usually pleasantly surprised when a man is confident enough to use come in using a genuine, direct opener and will often respond positively.

PUA: I really should be rushing off to class right now, but I couldn’t pass you by without meeting you. My name’s Alex.

Girl: Oh my goodness, hey! I’m Sarah.

PUA: I like your glasses. They make you look like you’re plotting something mischievous.  

Usage: You need an ice breaker before you can pull out your routines.

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