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    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Quick Definition: Focusing intently on a person to the exclusion of all else.

    Full Definition:

    Hyperfocusing is a technique that PUAs use to get into the moment and to demonstrate that they are listening to the other person. Hyperfocusing basically involves the PUA focusing all of his attention on his target and using strong (but not uncomfortable) eye contact in order to demonstrate his attentiveness.

    Hyperfocusing is a technique that is generally used during the comfort stage of an interaction, in order to build rapport. Usually, it is a bad thing for a PUA to show a woman too much attention initially, but once the PUA has properly qualified a woman, using hyperfocus can help a PUA to pace the interaction and build a deeper connection.


    Hyperfocusing in action

    Hyperfocusing in action

    When a PUA hyperfocuses all his attention on a woman, the woman will usually reciprocate, creating an us-bubble of two people focused only on each other. Once rapport is established, the PUA can then lower the energy level and lead the interaction into a more seductive stage.


    I was hyperfocused when she was telling me about her childhood, and that helped us really connect.

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