How to use PUA lingo in a constructive way

There have been many debates in the community (and outside) about the legitimate use of community “lingo”. We think this is a fair discussion to have. Pros and cons apply to both sides. The Naturals say that community terminology makes us look weird, nerdy and contrived. Structured Game PUAs say that terminology gives us structure, scientific methods of describing things, and clarity. Instead of taking either side, below is the progression of an average PUA and how his use of the lingo evolves at each stage of the game:

Stage 1: Newbie

New guy becomes aware of the community. He/she is fascinated, and starts to read about cool terms like PUA and Negs from books like The Game. Attention, interest and curiosity takes hold. At this stage, learning the lingo is like learning to ride a bike – it is necessary to understand the concepts behind the terms in order to internalize what being a PUA means. It is also extremely fun to do.

Stage 2: Advanced Newbie

The PUA starts to go on a reading binge, perhaps coupled with some field experience. Now terminology is used as a pride symbol, to show off how much he has learned. He is excited at discussing new and cool PUA definitions with his PU buddies, either on online forums or with those that he has met in person.

Stage 3: Intermediate PUA

The intermediate PUA has internalized some of the lingo, and may even catch himself using terms like “social proof” with non PUAs like his office workers. Some of these terms are now part of his identity and his understanding of the world. Intermediate PUAs don’t use lingo as much, but they have become more adaptable to use lots of lingo with community guys, and less or no lingo with naturals or regular AFCs.

Stage 4: Intermediate / Advanced Artist


The advanced PUA / mPUA is skilled in community-speak and also can break down community concepts in a natural, “dating-advice” sort of way. Think David Wygant or Matador when talking to the press. The lingo and concepts are internalized, and only used when it serves the purpose of expanding one’s mind quickly by the usage of such a meaning and description of the word. PUA Lingo is not used to show off, or DHV. (Intended) Rather, the master is so skilled that he will use either PUA lingo or natural relationship speech to illustrate his point, when necessary.

We have built this site with the intention of the master PUA usage – that is, a clear, concise definitive answer to a definition, and the natural usage of it from both a community and natural perspective. At the end of the day, always remember who you are talking to (your audience), and how you can connect with them on a personal level.

One’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions

Oliver Wendell Holmes

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