• How Online Dating Really Works In Quarantine

    by AlphaWolf & Co.

    Here’s a side effect of the pandemic that no-one is really talking about:

    A lot more people are using online dating.

    Unfortunately, most guys still don’t know what they’re doing online. Too many bad messages, too many low quality mistakes.

    Eventually, some get to a point of change:

    “Ok, I’m stuck with girls. I need to get help”

    “I don’t know how to message girls. I’m rationalizing.”

    “I really want a hot beautiful girl who loves me like I love her… and I’m not doing anything about it”

    In coaching, we call these “breakthrough moments”.

    Here’s an industry secret among coaches:

    Breakthrough moments only turn into a real breakthrough if the client follows through…

    Putting a focus on your flaws and what needs to change is very  hard to do consistently, and part of the job as a coach as you 
    through a true transformation.

    A transformation is not harder. It’s just different.

    A good coach takes you through your transformation with as little effort as possible, with huge positive changes in your life.

    Here’s another truth:

    If you were single before, after the pandemic you’ll be single too,  if you choose to do nothing. If you hate your job, after the pandemic you will still hate your job.

    But, rather than feeling bad for yourself or running back to option 1 (distraction), why not do something different this time? 

    I encourage you to use this quarantine time to turn your life around.

    Because… the removal of the “cheap distractions” can be a blessing in disguise, if you choose to make it so.

    It’s not the “easy” option, but it’s easier long term:

    A lot of guys have already implemented our Digital Dating Abundance program and gotten amazing results:

    –> I’ve helped several guys improve their online profiles and improved match rates by over 200%

    –> 2 students have been improving their messages and ending up on quarantine dates every weekend.

    –> Others are working in quarantine time on their inner mindset, growth and strength.

    Here’s a student who started getting over 800+ matches with his ideal type of girls:

    I’d love to help you take similar steps.

    You might even look back at this pandemic as the best thing that ever happened to you.

    I’m going to pay for your first consulting session with me. 

    Use this exclusive link to book 45 minutes and get your 
    proper diagnosis and plan to start your personal transformation ASAP

    Or… you can spend 45 minutes watching another show that will 
    add nothing real to your life.

    The choice is yours.

    Speak soon,

    -Giovanni Wan

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